Water Well Services

Residential Wells

Residential wells are wells used for private homes. The well is constructed by drilling through the top layers dirt, clay and broken rock, the drilling will then continue into bedrock approximately 15 feet.  The drill tools are then removed, and steel or heavy wall PVC pipe casing is then installed.  A six inch down hole drill is then re-inserted, inside the casing, into the hole. After lowering to the previously drilled depth, Drilling is then resumed. Drilling continues until water of significance flow is encountered. The tools are then removed from the hole, a well cap is installed. The well is then ready for the installation of the pump.

Well Grouting

After a well is drilled there will be a space between the well casing and the surrounding earth. This space needs to be filled with neat cement to protect contaminates from entering the well. Cement is mixed in a grout machine and pumped in the casing. When the cement reaches the surface pumping is stopped and the well is then grouted. Not all Counties in Pennsylvania require a well be grouted.